When I really want to do something I desire

It’s always in the middle of exam week..
Oh just why Goddess….


Zodiac Files: #Aquarius is the kind of friend who….


Zodiac Files: #Aquarius is the kind of friend who….

I’m pretty much fed up

Everything pissed me up

Everyone annoyed me


Tsk.. I don’t like thinking like nowdays teenager but everything is just crap today… or maybe I could say for the whole week.

I don’t know..
I only want a peaceful environment…
I want everyone not being noisy.

It disgusts me..

The way I’m thinking right now.. The way that I want to hurt everyone.
I’m restraining my hands not to throw anything…
I’m pressing my lips together not to curse in voice…
What is this, perseverance?
Kesabaran atau apalah itu?
Persetan dengan semua ini…

My head hurts every time I try to hold myself from the anger.
Segala sesuatunya itu selalu membuat putaran yang tiada habisnya.

Saat ingin melakukan sesuatu, selalu saja ada halangannya. Berbagai halangan yang menyebalkan sampai rasanya ingin memusnahkannya. However, what can I do with those freaking things? I cannot even avoid them. I hate everything while I want to enjoy everything. It seems my life, tidak ada yang bisa ditentukan sama sekali. Tidak ada yang bisa diprediksi sama sekali. True that I told everyone I could not see the future. Yet that is only a cliche excuse.

Tidak suka. Hateful.
For Goddess sake, I hate everything right now…
Ah, except for tumblr.. I love it..

What should I do…? My peaceful life will begin in two years? I don’t know. I am not even sure anymore. I could not see the future like I said. That was…. ya, itu hanyalah alasan lagi. Alasan klise yang sulit untuk diterima.

私はね, 最近、自殺ばっか思って…

Has the world turned me down? Or it’s just me who don’t understand the world…..




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